Olijfolie skincare

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Ingredients  are 100% organic Oliveoil
INCI: Olea Europaea Fruitoil

Oliveoil is made of the fruits from the olive tree, the olives. It’s not only noursihment but rather traditional a skin care product. It’s high ratio of mono-unsaturated fatty acids is very similar to our skin fat. Therefore skin absorbs oliveoil very well and joins with body’s own protective cloak of skin.
FINigrana organic Olive-Skin-Oil is careful deodorised, so it has neutral scent. It nourishs, cares, is hygroscopical and prevents skin for dehydration.  Natural antioxidants assisit continously celluar regeneration, retard aging process and strengthen resiliance of skin. Oliveoil soften feelings of tension, irritations and cares for a vital complexion.
Pure applicable for daily basic care of skin and hair, suitable for fine baby- and children skin,  also for mature skin. Finigrana organic Olive Skin Oil is qualified as mild make-up remover, too. Olive-oil freed mild from make-up residues and is an optimal care for stressed skin.
For ideal effectivity benefit from moisture after bath or shower. Simply apply cosmetic oil or body butter on wet or humid skin, massage into skin,  directly an emulsion accrues and skin absorbs very well.



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