Jojoba olie skincare

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Our Jojoba Oil is made careful in first, cold pressure. It’s not an oil, it’s a liquid wax with clear yellow-gold colour and mild, nearly neutral scent.  Jojoba Oil is anti allergenic, and qualified for all types of skin. For our skin it is a precious provider of fatty acids, pro-vitamin A und vitamin E. Jojoba Oil absorbs quickly in deep skin areas, don’t leaves behind a fatty film on skin, regulates balance of moisture and strengthens connective tissue. Skin becomes sleek, smooth and wrinkle formation is prevented naturally.
FINigrana®-Jojoba Cosmetic Oil is especially suitable for daily body care and applicable universally from head to toe. For cosmetics it’s an important component in
shampoos, hair care products, soaps, shaving creams, body- massage- and bath oils, hand-creams, moisturizers, face masks, lip care products and much more.
For optimal effectivity,  benefit from moisture after bath or shower. Simply apply cosmetic oil or body butter on wet or humid skin, massage into skin,  directly an emulsion accrues and skin absorbs very well.

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